Peter O'Reilly School Of Fly-Fishing

The Peter O’Reilly School of Fly Fishing is based near the town of Navan, Co.Meath on the banks of the River Boyne and less than an hour from Dublin.

Peter has been teaching fly-casting for nearly 30 years, in which time he has helped thousands of anglers to master the essential skills of fly tying, casting  and fishing.

Fly casting is easy, we make it difficult. A casting lesson is the easiest and most effective way to begin learning about this rewarding pastime.

Other forms of fishing are fun, but not pure enjoyment, fly-casting is.

There is also the satisfaction of knowing, as you make that perfect cast, that it will increase the number of fish you catch.

Peter offers a variety of angling service including:

  • Private casting tuition
  • Spey casting lessons
  • Advise on choosing fishing tackle
  • Problem/fault solving
  • Off-site courses
  • Fly casting demonstrations
  • Hosted trips to top fisheries worldwide
  • Fly dressing instruction
  • Group seminars in flyfishing, flycasting and flytying.
  • Gift vouchers