Two Handed Lessons

In recent years, the advantages of spey casting have been recognised and more and more anglers aspire to perfect their skills with a two-handed rod. The benefits of using two handed rods for salmon fishing on big rivers are undeniable.

If you want take your fishing and your casting to a higher level then consider spey casting.
Peter O’Reilly offers personalised spey casting instruction in 1 day modules. Take a little time out to learn this magical skill. It is a lot easier to improve your skills as a caster if you are not focused on the fish, which is why these 1 day courses are specialised in teaching you to spey cast proficiently, and nothing else.

The abolition of drift netting means that more salmon are returning to Irish rivers, thereby increasing the odds of taking a fish on the fly. But first you must learn to spey cast.
The lesson covers:

  • Key exercises for casting with a two-handed rod.
  • How to execute a good forward cast.
  • The parts of a spey cast.
  • The rules of spey casting.

The lesson is designed to get the angler started with the two-handed rod and to ensure that they understand both the principles and techniques required to use it effortlessly and with style.
Dedication and frequent practice is required to truly master this most satisfying method of fly-fishing and multiple lessons are usually required.